6 Trendy Laundry Design Ideas

Laundry Design, Laundry Room, Stark Builders, Brisbane City

Laundry Design Ideas to Maximize Your Space

In 2023, the laundry room has evolved beyond its mundane, utilitarian origins to become a space where both form and function are celebrated. No longer relegated to the basement or a forgotten closet, laundry rooms are now designed with creativity and purpose in mind. In this blog post, we will explore the latest laundry room design trends and ideas that will help you transform this essential space into a practical and aesthetically pleasing part of your home. 

Laundry Design, Laundry Room, Stark Builders, Brisbane City

1. Embrace Sustainable Materials

One of the key trends in laundry room design for 2023 is the use of sustainable materials. Homeowners are increasingly opting for eco-friendly choices, such as bamboo cabinetry, recycled glass countertops, and low-VOC paint. These materials not only reduce carbon footprint but also add a touch of natural beauty to your laundry room. 

2. Multipurpose Spaces

In the age of minimalism and space efficiency, laundry rooms are now expected to serve multiple purposes. Consider incorporating a workspace for folding clothes, a pet washing station, or even a mini-home gym. This versatility ensures that your laundry room remains a functional hub of your home. 

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Laundry Design, Stark Builders, Brisbane
Laundry Design, Pet Washing, Stark Builders, New Farm, Brisbane

3. Color Schemes and Themes

Gone are the days of drab, uninspiring laundry rooms. Choose a color scheme that energizes you and complements your home’s overall design. Whether it’s a calming palette of soft blues and grays or a bold, vibrant combination of red and white, the right colors can transform your laundry room into an inviting space. 

Fresh and Airy:

  • Color Scheme: Soft blues, pale greens, and whites.
  • Theme: Create a tranquil oasis reminiscent of a spa with these calming colors. This scheme promotes a sense of cleanliness and freshness, making laundry a more pleasant task. 

Modern Minimalism:

  • Color Scheme: Neutral like grays, whites, and blacks
  • Theme: Minimalist design emphasizes simplicity and clean lines. Use sleek, minimalist fixtures and ample storage to achieve this contemporary look for your laundry design idea. 

Energizing Brights:

  • Color Scheme: Bold and vibrant colors like red, yellow, or turquoise.
  • Theme: Add a pop of energy to your laundry room with bright colors. This theme can make the space feel lively and cheerful, making laundry less of a chore. 

Industrial Chic:

  • Color Scheme: Cool grays, blacks, and metallic accents.
  • Theme: Embrace an urban aesthetic with exposed brick, metal shelving, and industrial lighting. This theme offers a modern, edgy look to your laundry design space.

Vintage Charm:

  • Color Scheme: Pastel hues like mint green, pale pink, and buttery yellow. 
  • Theme: Incorporate vintage appliances, retro signage, and quaint accessories for a laundry room that exudes nostalgia and timeless elegance. 


  • Color Scheme: Earthy greens, browns, and nature-inspired prints.
  • Theme: Connect with the outdoors by incorporating natural textures, potted plants, and nature-themed decor. This theme promotes  a sense of serenity and harmony.

4. Ample Storage Solutions

Storage is paramount in laundry design. Maximize your space with custom shelving, pull-out drying racks, and cabinets that keep detergents and cleaning supplies neatly organized. Open shelving can also serve as a display area for decorative items, adding a personalized touch. 

Laundry Design, Utility Area, Stark Builders, Brisbane

5. Texture and Patterns

Add character to your laundry room with texture and patterns. Whether it’s a patterned backsplash, textured tiles, or a bold wallpaper accent wall, these laundry room design elements can elevate the aesthetics of the space and make it more visually appealing. 

Geometric Patterns: Geometric tiles, such as hexagons or chevrons, can introduce a modern and trendy vibe to your laundry room. These patterns can be used sparingly as accents or cover larger areas for a bolder statement. 

Mosaic Patterns: Mosaic tiles offer a versatile way to incorporate intricate patterns. You can create custom designs or use pre-made mosaic sheets to add artistic flair to your backsplash or flooring. Mosaics allow you to mix and match colors and materials for unique look. 

Subtle Patterns: If you prefer a more understated approach, consider tiles with subtle patterns like herringbone or basketweave. These classic patterns can add a touch of elegance without overwhelming the space. 

Nature-Inspired Patterns: For a laundry room with a calming atmosphere, consider tiles or a backsplash with nature-inspired patterns like leaves, branches, or waves. These patterns can evoke a sense of serenity and relaxation. 


6. Functional Countertops

Countertop space is crucial for folding clothes and various laundry-related tasks. Choose a durable material like quartz or granite than can withstand the wear and tear daily use. Consider adding an under-counter sink for added functionality. 

Folding Station: A dedicated folding station is a common and practical choice for laundry room countertops. Opt for a spacious, flat surface that allows you to neatly fold clothes as they come out of the dryer. You can install a countertop above your washer and dryer units, or you can have a standalone folding table that offers flexibility in placement. 

Utility Sink Integration: For added functionality to your laundry design, consider integrating a utility sink sink into your laundry room countertop. This sink can be used for handwashing delicate items, pre-soaking stained clothes, or as a general-purpose utility sink. The countertop around the sink should be designed with a slight slope to allow water to drain into the sink. This setup not only saves space but also makes your laundry room more versatile. 

Multi-Purpose Countertops: In smaller laundry rooms, it’s important to maximize the use of space. Choose a countertop that can serve multiple functions. For example, a flip-up countertop or a pull-out ironing board can be hidden when not in use but provide a practical surface when needed. This versatility is particularly valuable in compact laundry spaces. 

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Laundry Design, Small Laundry room

Overhead Cabinets and Open Shelving: Combine your countertop with overhead cabinets or open shelving to create a storage-efficient and organized laundry design. The countertop can serve as a base for sorting and folding clothes, while the cabinets or shelves above can house laundry supplies, detergent, and cleaning products. 

Durable and Easy-to-Maintain Materials: Select countertop materials that are resilient and easy to maintain, as laundry rooms can be prone to moisture and spills. Some excellent choices include quartz, granite, or laminate. These materials are not only durable but also come in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit your laundry design preferences.

Customization for Space Optimization: Every laundry room is different, and customizing your countertop to fit the available space optimally is a smart approach. Consider L-shaped or U-shaped countertops for larger laundry rooms, while linear designs work well in compact spaces. Customization allows you to make the most of your available square footage. 

Stylish Finishes: Don’t forget about aesthetics. The countertop can contribute to the overall style of your laundry room. Whether you prefer a modern, sleek appearance with a solid surface countertop or a more traditional look with wooden butcher block, the choice of finish can enhance the laundry room design. 

Laundry Design, Quartz Countertop
U Shaped laundry design, Stark Builders


In 2023, laundry design is all about combining practicality with style. By embracing sustainable materials, incorporating multipurpose features, investing in smart appliances, choosing the right color schemes, optimizing storage solutions, enhancing lighting, playing with textures and patterns, and ensuring functional countertops, you can create a laundry room that not only serves its primary purpose but also enhances the overall beauty and functionality of your home. Stay on-trend and make your laundry room a space you’ll love to spend time in

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