Carport and two story house with Hamptons style front fence
Interior building Design in Holland Park
Exterior Building Renovation Brisbane



Our design services are tailored to renovations. We take pride in restoring and transforming timber homes across Brisbane into beautiful family homes that last a lifetime. 

Our design team comprises of qualified Architects who bring unparalleled expertise and value to the design stage.  We design beautiful spaces for you to live in with functionality and elegance in mind. The end result is a beautiful, affordable renovation that has a timeless design.

Our Projects.

Take a sneak peak at some of our projects we have completed around Brisbane.


Aloomba Details High Res 1 1

Elegantly designed open-plan kitchen, living and dining space, showcasing a modern kitchen featuring sage tile splash back.

Birdwood 4x5 1
Holland Park.

A stunning house transformation featuring exquisite design that harmonises seamlessly with the existing style of the house.

Sleek wall-hung flute-style vanity with stone benchtop and Brushed Brass fixtures.

Carefully crafted design for a newly renovated bathroom, featuring flute-style wall-hung cabinetry and brushed brass fixtures.

Custom designed renovations to suit any home
Elegant & Practical Architectural Designs

We design houses and renovation with these key principles in mind. With this approach we are able to create houses that are truly stunning and fit within your desired budget.

client portal to help manage the renovation process
Instant Building Quotes from our Builder.

Know the exact price of your build throughout the design process. We work with our building company to provide accurate pricing information in real time so you can keep an eye on budget.

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Superior Concept Designs. Delivered Fast.

A great set of plans starts with a great concept. We are able to produce high quality concepts for you faster and to a higher quality to help get your project on tract from the start.

All in one team with builders architects and engineers
Support from our Comprehensive Team.

We have a team complete with designers, project managers, interior designers, builders and engineers. Our robust team has the capability to provide you correct and accurate information about all aspects of your build.

Design Pricing.

Our packages offer incredible value and come with the added benefit of having advice and consultation from our professional build team. 

Standard Design

Entry level design package for cost effective renovations

Meeting with Builder & Designer
Measure-Up Existing Building
Architectural Drawings
Floor Plans & Site Plans
3D Render & Elevations
1 x Drawing Revision
1 x Building Cost Estimate

Gold Design

Premium design package for mid-high end renovations

All Standard Inclusions
Additional Meeting: Design Delivery
Design & Elevations: Kitchen
Electrical Plan
Increased Design Input
2 x Additional Drawing Revisions

Platinum Design

Luxury design package for architectural renovations

All Gold Inclusions
Additional Meeting: Interior Design
Design & Elevations: Wet Rooms
Specifications Document
Building Condition Inspection
1 x Additional Build Cost Estimate

Design packages FAQ

As Builders & Designers, we often use specialised terminology that can be confusing for our clients. Below is some of our most commonly used terminology explained.

A meeting held between the client, designer and builder after the initial drawings have been completed. During the meeting revisions to the initial drawings can be discussed in depth as well as creative design solutions that align with the client’s budget.

 A drawing revision involves modifications made to a drawing after its initial issue. Each revision is documented alphabetically, making it easy to track the number of revisions and identify the newest set of drawings.

Elevations provide a detailed vertical projection of a room’s features. They showcase specifics such as joinery design, placement of fixtures like taps and basins, accessories, shower niches, and handle details. Unlike floorplans, which offer an aerial view, elevations present a front-facing perspective.

This is a written document outlining the scope of work, materials and products to be used for the project.

Conducted by our Senior Builders, this inspection involves a meticulous assessment of the existing structure of a house. It enables builders to reevaluate the design and determine if any adjustments are necessary.

Hamptons / Scandi / Minimalist

Add an Interior Design Package

Bench seat by our Building Designer Brisbane
Bathroom Renovations Brisbane

Interior design is much more than mere aesthetic enhancement; it is a vital part of creating functional and beautiful spaces that reflect the personality, taste, and needs of the inhabitants. Stark’s building designers believe that proper interior design not only adds to the visual appeal of your room but also optimises the space for efficiency and comfort, incorporating aspects of ergonomics, accessibility, and sustainability. 

By choosing the right colours, textures, furniture, and spatial arrangements, our interior designers create environments that promote well-being, facilitate daily activities, and inspire creativity. These thoughtfully designed spaces can positively influence mood, productivity, and even health. Whether a calming bedroom that encourages relaxation or a stimulating office space that fosters innovation, our interior designers can tailor renovation to meet your needs.

Starks Interior Designers help with the selection of materials in your design process as it is pivotal in determining not only the aesthetic quality of a space but its functionality, durability, and environmental impact as well. The right materials can enhance your design’s theme, adding depth and character, while also serving specific purposes. For example, the choice between hardwood, carpet, or tile flooring can dramatically alter the look, feel, and acoustic properties of a room.

Furthermore, Stark selects materials that are sustainable and responsibly sourced in order to align a design with environmental stewardship, supporting global sustainability goals. We choose high-quality, durable materials to ensure that spaces stand up to wear and tear, reducing the need for costly and frequent repairs or replacements. From the tactile experience of a surface to the overall ambiance of a room, materials are integral in interior design, acting as the building blocks that synthesise form and function, beauty and practicality.

Interior Designer Brisbane Selection Process

4 Simple Steps

Building Designer Brisbane

Our packages offer incredible value and come with the added benefit of having advice and consultation from our professional build team. 

Connect with Stark Design's effortlessly. Send an enquiry through our online enquiry portal or reach out via phone to discuss your design needs.
The next step is a free on-site meeting and consultation with our senior builder to run through our different design packages and determine the best approach for renovation.
Measure Up
Once the design package quote has been accepted an on-site measure and consult with our designer will be booked in. While discussing your design ideas at the measure up, our designer will help assist you in achieving your dream home design.
Step 4
Working Drawings
After the design details and measure up has occurred our designer will draft and complete the final working drawings required to start the build on your home.
Step 4
Brisbane Builders and Designers completing the frame stage at a project in Balmoral

Why Choose Stark Designs?

We use a simple 4 step renovation process – Consult, Design, Plan, Renovate. By working closely with you and following our simple process we are able to deliver amazing results to all our clients and exceed their expectations.

It's Our Passion

We have been in business for over 30 years and strive to create beautiful yet functional spaces. 

Free Consultation & Quote

We provide an obligation free consultation and quote to all our customers. Don’t hesitate, we are happy to help straight away.

Accurate Build Costs

We pride ourselves on having a sister building company who can give accurate and quick price updates based on your design.

Fast Turnaround Times

Our team strives to get you on your renovation journey faster. We work tirelessly to help produce a full set of working drawings in the shortest possible time.

Design and Build in Brisbane

Collaboration Between Designer & Builder

The collaboration between builders and designers is an essential component in the successful completion of any renovation project. While designers are responsible for the aesthetic and functional aspects of a building, builders are responsible for taking  those plans and turning them into reality. Stark Builders and Designers ensure a strong partnership between these two parties to guarantee that the design is not only attractive but also practical and buildable. 

Stark maintains open lines of communication to ensure that stunning design meets practicality. Our designers create the vision and our builders provide input on construction methods, materials, and potential cost-saving measures. This synergy helps us in achieving a final product that meets both the aesthetic goals and the practical requirements of the project.

A disjointed approach between builder and designer can lead to misunderstandings, mistakes, and delays, all of which may result in increased costs and dissatisfaction for you. Conversely, collaboration by Stark fosters a unified approach where all parties understand and appreciate each other’s roles and contributions. This mutual respect and shared responsibility for the project’s success can lead to creative problem-solving, higher quality work, and a more streamlined construction process. The end result of this cooperation is not only a building that fulfils you expectations but also a more efficient and enjoyable construction experience for all involved.

Stark Design Incorporates Green Features

The importance of Sustainable Design

Sustainable Building Design Brisbane
Wooden features for Sustainable and Economic Building Design
Sustainable Building Designs

Stark understands that sustainable building design is of vital importance in today’s world, where environmental conservation is at the forefront of global concerns. We emphasise the use of energy-efficient materials, sustainable supplies, and the integration of energy efficient fixtures. Our sustainable design aims to reduce your building’s impact on the environment over its entire life cycle. 

Not only does our approach minimise the depletion of natural resources, but it also reduces pollution and waste, contributing to the health and well-being of both you and the broader community. By integrating innovative technologies and intelligent design, Stark’s sustainable buildings improve energy performance and even generate surplus energy that can be fed back into the community grid.

Economic Building Designs

The economic benefits of our sustainable building design further highlight its importance. While the initial costs may sometimes be slightly higher, the long-term savings in energy and maintenance easily offset these costs. Our sustainable buildings provide a more comfortable living and working environment, enhancing your productivity and satisfaction. 

These designs can also increase your property values, making them a sound investment. As the world grapples with climate change and finite resources, the shift towards sustainable building design represents a critical part of the solution. Stark helps in achieving sustainability goals and provides a pathway towards a more resilient and environmentally responsible future.

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