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30+ Years experience extending queensland homes

A house extension offers numerous advantages such as added space, enhanced comfort, and increased property value without the hassle of relocating. Stark Builders offer a full-service package, managing every aspect of design and construction.

With over 30 years of experience in the building industry Stark Builders offers high quality home extensions in Brisbane for all types of budgets.

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Merton 2x3 19 2


Our team transformed a Queenslander home with a rear extension, adding more kitchen space, a bathroom, and large entertaining deck. The extension blends perfectly with the original architecture, providing much-needed extra space.

Queenslander styled house that has a white Hamptons style fence and green trees


A recently completed a stunning rear extension in Brisbane, creating an open-plan kitchen and living area that opens onto a beautiful garden. The extension features a modern kitchen and a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Polished timber floors in living room bifold doors opening to deck area


An interior renovation by Stark Builders transformed this space, integrating an open-plan living area with stunning bifold doors. This house extension Brisbane showcases our commitment to seamless design and functionality.

Previous Projects

Stark Builders has worked hard over the years to deliver a number of high quality renovations across Brisbane. We have 30 years experience designing and renovating houses across the Brisbane region.

House Extensions Designed To Match Your Needs

Opting to extend your home rather than relocate can bring you unexpected benefits, especially with the help of a renovation specialist like Stark Builders.

A home extension offers you various possibilities, from adding bedrooms or a home office to constructing additional storeys. These possibilities are limited only by your desires, budget, and the existing layout of your property.

Single-Storey Extension:

Single-storey house extensions in Brisbane involve extending your original house to create additional living spaces. This type of extension is popular for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to expand your living space while enhancing the flow and connection to the outdoors.

Second-Storey Extension:

Second-Storey extensions provide extra space without sacrificing your outdoor areas, though they entail more complexity and expense, often requiring permits and approvals.

Double or Multi-Storey Extension:

Double or Multi-Storey extensions involve extensive renovations, including a complete reconfiguration of the floorplan to seamlessly integrate new and existing spaces.

House Raise Renovation Begins at Holland Park Brisbane
Open plan living two storey house

key benefits of home extensions

Expanding your home through a carefully planned extension can transform your living space and lifestyle. At Stark Builders, we specialise in creating tailored house extensions that blend seamlessly with your existing property while meeting your specific needs.

Enhanced Functionality

Enhance your lifestyle with a home extension that caters to your family’s specific needs, maximising your living space by adding practical features and improved layouts.

Increased Living Space

Enjoy additional rooms or functional areas tailored to your family’s requirements, whether it’s a new bedroom, home office, or expanded living area.

Custom Designed Extension

Incorporate your own style to create a space that truly feels like home. Tailor every detail to match your vision and lifestyle needs.

Preservation of Property Value

Extend your home with quality craftsmanship and materials that not only enhance your living experience but also increase the market value of your property.

House Extension Process

We specialise in creating bespoke house extensions in Brisbane that seamlessly blend with your existing home. Our expert team ensures each extension adds both functionality and value, enhancing your living space to suit your lifestyle.

Stage 1. Consult

We will arrange a free on-site meeting and consultation with our senior builder. We will assess the best approach for your house extension. After the consultation we can provide a rough price indication for your desired home renovation.

Stage 2. Design

During the Design phase, our in-house architect and builder collaborate with you to grasp your vision and requirements for your house extension renovation. We create initial concepts and construction drawings, ensuring the design aligns perfectly with your goals.

Stage 3. Plan

The final stage before beginning renovation is planning, which involves obtaining approval for your drawings. Stark Builders handles all necessary plans and documentation required to start your build. Once these preliminaries are completed, we will provide you with a fixed-price quote.

Stage 4. Renovate

Upon approval of your drawings and plans, we will schedule a convenient start time for your house extension!

Mastering House Extension Design

Designing a house extension is not just about adding space; it’s about transforming your living environment into a functional and aesthetically pleasing sanctuary. At Stark Builders, we recognise that the design phase is crucial for ensuring that every house extension not only meets practical needs but also enhances the overall value and appeal of your home.

Kitchen Benchtop - Aloomba Kitchen
Sapphire 11

Integration with Existing Architecture

We believe in preserving the architectural integrity of your home. Our design team carefully considers the style, materials, and structural elements of your property to ensure that the house extension harmonises seamlessly with the existing structure. This approach not only enhances curb appeal but also maintains the cohesive aesthetic flow of your home.

Budget Transparency and Affordability

As an all-in-one build company, Stark Builders offers the advantage of providing clear pricing and cost estimates early in the design process. We understand the importance of budget considerations and work collaboratively with you to ensure that the design aligns with your financial parameters. Our transparent approach helps you make informed decisions without compromising on quality or design integrity.

Functionality and Efficiency

Beyond aesthetics, functionality is paramount in our design philosophy. We prioritise efficient space planning and ergonomic design to maximise usability and convenience. Whether it’s creating efficient storage solutions or improving traffic flow, every detail is meticulously planned to enhance your daily living experience.

In essence, designing a house extension with Stark Builders is a collaborative journey focused on creating personalised spaces that enhance your lifestyle and add value to your home. From initial consultation to final construction, we combine innovative design with expert craftsmanship to transform your vision into reality.

Sleek wall-hung flute-style vanity with stone benchtop and Brushed Brass fixtures.

Recent House Extensions Brisbane Project

Contemporary Rear Extension 

Stark Builders completed a stunning renovation project in Woolloongabba, creating a new downstairs area and extending both the house and deck on the existing first floor. Watch the video below to see the incredible transformation from start to finish.

Play Video about Brisbane Home Renovations & Design Builders

Why Extend Your House With Stark

Renovating a home is more than simply increasing the floor area of a house. It is a chance to modify your house into a home that not only compliments, but enhances your family’s way of life. Stark Builders understand the importance creating a new renovated space that is truly yours.

Highly Experienced Renovation Team

We work closely with you from initial concepts and planning, through to completion of construction, to ensure your home is a quality investment in your lifestyle and future.

Local Renovation Builders

As a Brisbane-based team, Stark Builders have extensive experience designing and renovating Brisbane homes. Our home renovation services are comprehensive, and include all aspects of the renovation process.

House Extensions Brisbane in a Queensland backyard. Expanding and updating the home
Small house design
Graceville Project - House Raise - Stark Builders
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Enhance Your Living Space with Modern House Extensions in Brisbane

House extensions Brisbane offer versatile solutions for homeowners in Brisbane seeking to expand their living space, increase property value, or transform their home environment. At Stark Builders, we specialise in creating tailored extensions that cater to these specific needs, ensuring each project enhances both functionality and aesthetics.

Open Plan Living

The trend towards open-plan living spaces continues to flourish in Brisbane’s house extensions. By removing interior walls, homeowners can create expansive, flexible living areas that seamlessly connect different parts of the home. Open-plan designs not only enhance spatial perception but also promote better connectivity and allow for increased natural light and ventilation, creating a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Multi-Generational Living

With Australia’s aging population and the growing importance of housing affordability, multi-generational living arrangements are becoming increasingly popular. House extensions are now being designed to accommodate extended families by incorporating self-contained living units with separate entrances and amenities. These extensions provide privacy and independence within the family home while fostering a sense of togetherness and support.

Indoor-Outdoor Integration

Brisbane’s climate encourages outdoor living year-round, and modern house extensions are designed to embrace this lifestyle. Features such as bi-fold or sliding doors, expansive windows, and outdoor entertainment areas seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces. This integration allows homeowners to make the most of their outdoor environments, promoting a strong connection to nature and enhancing overall living quality.

Trending House Extension Ideas

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Keep up to date with the latest house extensions Brisbane trends from Stark Builders.

timber kitchen, small house design

Energy Efficiency and Passive Design Principles

In the context of house extensions Brisbane, a dual focus on energy efficiency and personalisation is shaping the landscape. With rising energy costs and increasing awareness of environmental issues, energy efficiency and passive design principles are central to house extensions in Australia. Homeowners are incorporating features like well-insulated walls and roofs, double-glazed windows, and strategic positioning to maximise natural light and ventilation. 

Customisation and Personalisation

Concurrently, one trend that remains constant in Australian house extensions is the desire for customisation and personalisation. Homeowners are increasingly seeking unique and bespoke designs that reflect their individual tastes and lifestyles. Customised features such as built-in storage solutions, home offices, and personalised outdoor spaces are in high demand. 

Biophilic Bedroom Design

One of the most prominent trends in bedroom design is the incorporation of nature-inspired elements. Homeowners are increasingly seeking to bring the outdoors inside, with biophilic design principles guiding their choices. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and bamboo are finding their way into bedrooms, creating a warm and calming atmosphere. Greenery, whether in the form of houseplants or nature-inspired wall murals, further connects occupants to the natural world, promoting relaxation and tranquility.

sage shaker style cabinets

Frequently Asked Questions

The timeframe for completing a house extension in Brisbane can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Generally, smaller extensions may take a few months, while larger or more intricate designs could take six months or longer.

The cost of house extensions in Brisbane varies depending on factors such as size, design complexity, and chosen materials. Stark Builders provides transparent pricing and works closely with clients to develop cost-effective solutions that align with their budget and vision.

Yes, we can assist with obtaining all necessary permits and approvals with our plan package. Our team is experienced in navigating local regulations and will handle the paperwork and processes required to ensure your renovation is compliant with all legal requirements.

To begin your house extension project in Brisbane with Stark Builders, simply contact us to schedule a consultation. We offer a free initial meeting to discuss your ideas, assess your property, and provide expert advice on the best approach for your extension project.

Energy efficiency is crucial in house extensions in Brisbane to reduce ongoing costs and environmental impact. Stark Builders incorporates features like well-insulated walls and roofs, double-glazed windows, and strategic positioning for natural light and ventilation to enhance energy efficiency.

Stark Builders employs a streamlined construction process for house extensions in Brisbane, beginning with detailed planning and design. We then coordinate all aspects of construction, ensuring efficient project management and high-quality craftsmanship throughout.

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