Two story house renovation raise and build with added carport

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At Stark Builders, we specialise in house raising Brisbane or ‘lift and build’ projects, providing homeowners with innovative solutions to maximise their living space and protect their homes from flood risks.

One of the greatest advantages of a lift and build project is the additional floor area gained while preserving your current backyard space. The newly created ‘downstairs’ area can be used for more bedrooms, a carport, guest rooms, extra living space, a home office, and much more.

Stark Builders will work with any architectural or design plans you may have, or alternatively, we offer a Design, Plan and Renovate service, managing your house raise project from start to finish. 

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Carport and two story house with Hamptons style front fence


A house transformation featuring a house raise and build underneath, resulting in a newly constructed lower level and carport that seamlessly match the elegance of the existing house features.

Graceville Project - Resilient Homes Fund


A recent house raise project elevated the home above flood levels while preserving its charm and aesthetic. The newly renovated upstairs level features open-plan living and an entertainment deck.

two-story Hampton-style residence featuring glass panel doors and a patio area


An elegant house raise that enhanced the existing structure of the house and added more entertaining and living areas.

Previous Projects

With 30 years of experience in designing and renovating homes, Stark Builders has consistently delivered high-quality renovations across Brisbane. Take a look at some of our recent house raise projects in the area.

Modern Australian Home

House Raising Brisbane Process with Stark Builders

At Stark Builders, we provide a comprehensive, all-in-one renovation process to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Stage 1: Consult

It begins with a free on-site consultation with one of our senior builders, who will offer expert advice and a price indication based on your renovation scope.

Stage 2: Design

Next our in-house architect and senior builder meet on-site to discuss your design preferences and ensure they align with your budget. The architect then creates detailed drawings reflecting your vision.

Stage 3: Planning

The planning stage involves obtaining necessary engineering drawings, soil tests, and other approvals to finalise the plans. This step is essential to ensure that all aspects of the project comply with local regulations and standards.

Stage 4: Renovate

With approved plans, we proceed to the renovation stage. Our skilled builders bring the designs to life, maintaining clear communication with you to ensure the project meets your expectations and is completed on time and within budget.

The Benefits of an All-in-One Renovation Team

Integrated Design and Budgeting

At Stark Builders, we believe in integrating design and budget considerations right from the start of every project. Unlike traditional approaches where clients may face budget surprises after finalising architectural plans, our all-in-one team provides cost estimates throughout the design process. This proactive approach ensures that our designs not only meet aesthetic goals but also remain feasible within our clients’ financial expectations.

Open plan living two storey house
timeless kitchen white cabinetry

Collaborative Approach: Architect and Builder Synergy

Our in-house architect and senior builder work in close collaboration to achieve seamless integration between design aspirations and practical building requirements. This synergy allows us to create functional and visually appealing spaces that enhance the overall livability of the home. For instance, in house raise projects, we focus on designing lower levels for open-plan living and entertainment spaces while reserving upper levels for private rooms, ensuring a natural flow and optimal use of space. 

Real-Time Adjustments and Cost Transparency

Throughout the renovation process, we maintain transparency by providing real-time adjustments and updates on costs. This ensures that our clients are well-informed and can make decisions confidently without unexpected financial setbacks. By addressing potential challenges early on and adapting the design as needed, we minimise disruptions and optimise efficiency during construction.

Optimising House Raise Projects

House raise projects require meticulous planning to elevate the home above flood levels while enhancing its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Stark Builders specialises in creating designs that maximise space utilisation and promote seamless transitions between different levels of the home. This includes strategic placement of living areas and bedrooms to ensure natural flow and practicality for everyday living.

Ensuring Quality and Client Satisfaction

Above all, Stark Builders is committed to delivering high-quality renovations that exceed client expectations. Our comprehensive approach not only focuses on achieving design excellence but also prioritises quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. By managing all aspects of the renovation process internally, we ensure consistency, accountability, and ultimately, client satisfaction.

2 storey house designs
house raising brisbane
house raising brisbane, builders working on enclosed stage
house raise brisbane

Benefits of House Raising Brisbane

Flood Protection: Elevating your home above flood levels can significantly reduce the risk of flood damage and lower insurance premiums.

Increased Space: Gain additional living areas, such as a new ground floor or basement, which can be used for extra bedrooms, living rooms, or storage.

Enhanced Property Value: Homes with additional space and flood protection are more attractive to buyers, potentially increasing your property’s market value.

Improved Views and Ventilation: Raising your house can provide better views and enhance natural ventilation, making your home more enjoyable.

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Elevating Renovations: The Stark Builders Advantage

Stark Builders stands out for its comprehensive approach to renovations, integrating design, construction, and client satisfaction into every project. Here are four key benefits that set us apart:

  • Integrated Expertise: By combining architectural design and construction expertise, Stark Builders ensures a seamless process from concept to completion.

  • Cost Transparency: We prioritise transparency by offering upfront cost estimates and regular updates throughout the project, ensuring clients remain informed and confident in their investment.

  • Specialised Knowledge: With a focus on house raise projects, we excel in optimising space and flow, crafting homes that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

  • Client-Centric Focus: Our collaborative approach between in-house architects and builders ensures designs align with client visions and budget constraints, fostering trust and satisfaction.

 At Stark Builders, our commitment to quality craftsmanship, efficiency, and client-centered service defines every renovation. Whether raising homes above flood levels or revitalising interiors, we deliver results that exceed expectations, making us the preferred choice for discerning homeowners in Brisbane and beyond.

The Ultimate Guide to House Raising Brisbane

House raising, also known as house lifting, is an increasingly popular renovation technique in Brisbane. It offers homeowners numerous benefits, from flood protection to additional living space. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what house raising entails, why it might be the right choice for your Brisbane home, and what to expect during the process.

Why Consider House Raising Brisbane?

Brisbane is prone to flooding, particularly in low-lying areas. House raising can be a proactive measure to mitigate flood risks. Additionally, as Brisbane’s population grows and land prices rise, maximising existing space becomes increasingly important. House raising allows homeowners to expand their living area without the need for new land.

Costs and Considerations

The cost of house raising in Brisbane can vary depending on factors such as:

  • The size and weight of the house.
  • The condition of the existing foundation.
  • The complexity of the new foundation design.
  • Local building regulations and permit fees.

While house raising in Brisbane is a significant investment, the long-term benefits often outweigh the initial costs. Improved flood protection, increased living space, and enhanced property value are compelling reasons to consider this renovation.

Builders working on a house raise with deck extension


Stark Builders completed a stunning renovation project in Holland Park. By raising the existing house, we created a new downstairs area, providing more space for a growing family. The upstairs was also completely renovated, breathing fresh air back into the home. Watch the video below to see the incredible transformation from start to finish.

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house raisinG Brisbane tips & ideas

At Stark Builders, we specialise in Resilient House Raise Projects, navigating administrative complexities and ensuring seamless collaboration with certifiers and assessors. House raising not only enhances resilience but also unlocks potential for expanding living spaces, improving property values, and optimising home functionality.

House Raising process with wooden stacks
Carpenters working on construction site

RHF Scheme

The Resilient Homes Fund  is the largest household resilience initiative, aimed at aiding Queensland homeowners who meet the specified suitability criteria to raise their houses to or above the minimum habitable floor levels. 

In a recent update the Resilient Home Fund have announced that the 1st of December 2025 is now the final day that Qld homeowners can submit their application. With the completion date of all House Raises projects to be finished by 30th of June 2026.

It is essential to use a builder with understanding of the Resilient Home Fund  Processes. At Stark Builders we have undergone several Resilient House Raise Projects. We understand the administrative requirements involved and how to liaise with certifiers and government assessors.

When raising your home you have the option to expand the existing structure by incorporating  house extensions, decks and additional external stairs.

House Raising Advantages

Raising your house offers numerous advantages beyond the expansion of the house. It present an opportunity to enhance the property by addressing areas requiring maintenance, ultimately boosting its value. Raising a home also offers an excellent opportunity to renovate and enhance the layout of your home.

There are also several options to utilise the new  space underneath your raised home if it has been flood effected. Additional space can be used to create a garage for your vehicles and storage. Adding a garage to your raised home  will not only increase the property value but also protect your vehicles from environmental exposure.

If you’re raising your home for more space, once raised, the area beneath presents an opportunity to construct an entirely new ground floor level, effectively doubling the living space. This cost-effective approach offers a significant expansion of your home’s footprint, providing ample room for additional bedrooms, living areas, or recreational spaces. Opting to do a house raise and build underneath allows you to enjoy the benefits of a larger home without the hefty price tag associated with purchasing a new property.

Brisbane Builders and Designers completing the frame stage at a project in Balmoral

Frequently Asked Questions

The house raising process begins with thorough site preparation, followed by lifting the house using hydraulic jacks. After this, excavation is conducted to prepare for new bored piers, which are essential for providing stable foundations. Next, steel support structures are installed to reinforce the lifted house and ensure structural integrity. Finally, new step access is constructed to facilitate entry into the raised house, completing the transformation and enhancing accessibility. This sequence of steps ensures that the house raising project is conducted efficiently and with careful attention to detail, resulting in a secure and functional elevated home.

Yes, house raising projects require approvals from local council authorities. Stark Builders manages the approval process and ensures compliance with all regulations and building codes.

Stark Builders specialises in house raising projects in Brisbane, offering expertise in design, construction, and project management. We handle everything from initial consultation to final inspections, ensuring a seamless and successful renovation experience.

The duration can vary based on the size of the house, complexity of the project, and local regulations. Typically, it takes 3-4 months for a house raise and restump only. Get in touch with us today to provide an accurate time frame for your house raise project.

During the initial phases of the house raise, the house must be empty for safety reasons. Once the house has been lifted and new step access has been constructed, it may be possible to move back in and reconnect services. However, it’s important to note that safety considerations and access restrictions may still apply during critical phases of the project

Contact Stark Builders today to schedule a free consultation. Our team will assess your property, discuss your goals, provide a project timeline and cost estimate, and guide you through every step of the house raising process.

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