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All-In-One Planning and Management: Streamlining Your Dream Renovation

Preliminary Planning

At Stark Builders, the Plan Stage is an integral part of our home renovation process, designed to ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and prepared before construction begins.

This stage involves a comprehensive approach to acquiring necessary building approvals, developing structural designs, and completing all essential paperwork, ensuring a smooth transition from planning to building.

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As a design, plan and build company, we can guide you through every step of the renovation process.

All in one team with builders architects and engineers

The first step in our planning process is conducting a comprehensive soils test to assess ground conditions, ensuring the stability and safety of your renovation project. 

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Our engineering team produces detailed drawings based on the results of the soils test and the architectural plans, ensuring the structural integrity of your renovation. 

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The certification process includes obtaining Building Approval (BA) and, if necessary, Development Approval (DA) to ensure compliance with local council regulations.
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Identification Survey

A site identification survey accurately maps your property’s layout and boundaries, ensuring all construction activities align precisely with your land’s dimensions and features.

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Prelim Plan Stage

Management of Plans

At Stark Builders, we meticulously manage the entire planning process, ensuring that every detail is accounted for and aligned with your vision. Our project managers oversee the integration of architectural and engineering plans, ensuring consistency and compliance with all regulations. This careful coordination ensures that the construction phase proceeds without delays and complications.

Soils & Engineering

One of the first steps in the Plan Stage is conducting a thorough soils test to assess the ground conditions of your property. This test is crucial for understanding the soil’s characteristics and how they will affect the foundation and overall structural integrity of your renovation project. Based on the results of the soils test and the architectural drawings, our team of experienced engineers produces detailed engineering drawings. These drawings are vital to ensuring that your home renovation is safe, stable, and built to last.

Site Identification Survey

Conducting a site identification survey is essential to accurately mapping the layout and boundaries of your property. This survey helps in identifying any potential issues and ensures that all construction activities are aligned with the precise dimensions and features of your land. It also aids in the planning of utilities and infrastructure adjustments needed for the renovation.

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Securing the necessary certifications is a critical part of the Plan Stage. This process ensures that your renovation project complies with all local regulations and standards. The certification process includes:

  • Building Approval (BA): We work closely with regulatory bodies to complete the approval process for the architectural and engineering plans. This step ensures that all aspects of your renovation meet the required building codes and standards.
  • Development Approval (DA): In cases where it is required, we assess and submit the development plans to the local council to ensure compliance with their regulations. This involves detailed checks and balances to make sure that your project aligns with the broader community planning guidelines.
Fixed-Price Construction Quote

We present a fixed-price construction quote, offering you transparency and certainty regarding the financial aspect of your renovation project. This quote ensures that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved, with no hidden surprises.

Building Contract Production

After obtaining all necessary approvals, we proceed to finalise the construction issue plans. These plans provide the detailed instructions and specifications required for the construction phase. Alongside these plans, we prepare a comprehensive building contract that outlines all aspects of the renovation, from materials and methods to timelines and costs.

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Why choose stark Builders?

At Stark Builders, we understand that the success of a renovation project lies in the details. During the Plan Stage, we take the time to ensure every aspect of the project is carefully considered and documented. This meticulous approach helps to prevent delays, manage costs, and ensure that the construction phase proceeds smoothly.

By handling all the complexities of the Plan Stage, from soil testing and engineering to certification and contract preparation, Stark Builders provides you with peace of mind. You can be confident that your home renovation is in capable hands, with every detail expertly managed to ensure a successful and satisfying outcome.

Let us guide you through the Plan Stage and set the foundation for a beautiful, functional, and enduring renovation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help bring your renovation dreams to life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Stark Builders meticulously manages the entire planning process, overseeing the integration of architectural and engineering plans, securing necessary approvals, and preparing all documentation to ensure a smooth transition to the construction phase.

The certification process involves obtaining Building Approval (BA) for architectural and engineering plans and, if required, securing Development Approval (DA) to ensure compliance with local council regulations.

The plan stage takes roughly 1-3 months. The length of time varies depending on your job. Enquire with us to find a more accurate time frame.

A site identification survey is required to accurately map your property’s layout and boundaries, ensuring all construction activities align precisely with your land’s dimensions and features.

The fixed-price construction quote provides a transparent and detailed breakdown of the costs involved in your renovation project, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the financial aspects with no hidden surprises.

Yes, we offer comprehensive project management services, handling every aspect of the renovation process from start to finish. This includes design, planning, obtaining permits, construction, and final inspections. Our goal is to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients.