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Stark’s 4 Step Guide to Renovate Your Home

Renovation Process

At Stark Builders, we offer an all-in-one design and build service that simplifies and streamlines your renovation journey. Our comprehensive process ensures that every aspect of your project is handled with expertise and precision, providing you with a seamless experience from start to finish.

The renovation process at Stark Builders is divided into four main steps: Concept, Design Development, Plan, and Renovate. On this page, we will break down each of these stages to give you a clear understanding of how we transform your ideas into a beautifully renovated space.

4 step Renovation Process

As a design and build company, we can guide you through every step of the renovation process.

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Concept Stage

The journey begins with exploring your renovation idea and testing its feasibility. This initial phase involve producing a set of concept plans and discussing your vision and understanding your needs. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the concept plans aligns with your goals and budget.

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Design Development

Once the concept is established, we turn the plans into a working set of drawings. This stage involves detailed work including architectural plans. The aim is to create finalised drawings that  you are happy with and are ready for engineering and necessary approvals.

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Planning Stage

In this phase, we complete all the required steps to produce a construction-ready set of plans. this includes, engineering, soils and certification. These comprehensive construction plans are  ready for any builder to pick up and start working from.

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Renovation Stage

Once the building contract is signed and insurances are paid, we commence the build! Our team manages the entire process from start to finish, overseeing construction, coordinating with various trades, and ensuring the project is completed to the highest standards.

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Detailed Process Overview

Starting the renovation process can be overwhelming, with many steps involved. At Stark Builders, we are an all-in-one design and build company that manages the entire renovation process. Keep reading to see a detailed breakdown of the four main stages: Concept, Design Development, Plan, and Renovate.

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Concept Plan

Meeting 1: Concept Discussion

Our renovation process begins with an onsite meeting where our in-house architect and senior builder discuss your wants and needs for the project. This collaborative session helps us understand your vision and establish the foundation for the design.

Preparation of Concept Plans

Following the initial discussion, our architect starts working on the concept plans. These plans are crafted to reflect your ideas and requirements, serving as the first step towards turning your vision into reality.

Meeting 2: Concept Delivery

In the second meeting, our architect and builder deliver the concept plans onsite. During this meeting, we discuss design decisions and considerations in detail. Additionally, we provide you with a construction estimate, giving you a clear understanding of the project’s scope and cost.

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Design Development

Package Selection

Next, you choose between our building design and architectural package. View Packages.

Meeting 3: Design Development

During the design development phase, we further refine your project based on the package you choose:

Building Design Package:

    • Working drawings are presented from the concept plans.
    • Design decisions are discussed, and any necessary drawing revisions are made.

Architectural Package:

      • Includes the Building Design Package.
      • Exterior and interior mood boards are presented.
      • Selections for both exterior and interior designs are considered and discussed.

Measure Up

Our architect measures your existing house, with the option to engage a surveyor if needed.

Preparation of Developed Plans

Selections, internal elevations are prepared (architectural package), and our team works on finalising the set of drawings.

Meeting 4: Finalised Plans Delivery

In this final meeting, we deliver the completed set of plans to you, along with the prepared selections and internal elevations (architectural package). This comprehensive set of drawings and design choices is ready for the next steps in the renovation process.

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Soils & Engineering

A soils test is completed to assess the ground conditions. Engineering drawings are produced based on the soil test results and architectural drawings.


The certification process involves Building Approval and if required Development Approval

  • Building Approval (BA) – of the architectural and engineering plans is completed
  • Development Approval (DA) – is assessed and submitted if required to ensure compliance with council regulations.

Building Contract Produced

 Construction issue plans are finalised and ready for release. The Building contract and specifications are prepared and ready for signing

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Signed Contract 

The building contract is signed, and insurances are paid. Approved plans are released, marking the finalisation of the planning phase.

Meeting 5: Pre-Construction Commencement

The project schedule is set, and the client is introduced to the project management team. A client portal is set up for easy communication and project tracking.

Construction Commences

With everything in place, we commence construction. Our team manages the entire build, coordinating with various trades and ensuring your project is completed to the highest standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The final plans are delivered during Meeting 4. In this meeting, we provide you with the comprehensive set of drawings and design choices, ready for the next steps in the renovation process.

The Building Design Package focuses on the technical aspects of translating concept plans into detailed working drawings, ensuring that all design decisions comply with building codes and standards. It includes:

  • Working Drawings: Detailed plans required for building approval.

The Architectural Design Package includes everything in the Building Design Package but goes further by incorporating more comprehensive design input. This package provides a more detailed and visually oriented approach to the design process. It includes:

  • Everything in the Building Design Package: All working drawings and design decisions.
  • Enhanced Design Input: More thorough design discussions to refine the project.
  • Exterior and Interior Mood Boards: Visual tools to convey the design vision, including colors, materials, and styles.
  • Internal Elevations: Detailed drawings of bathrooms, kitchen, wardrobes and wet rooms and detailed design elements.

During the Concept stage, our in-house architect and senior builder meet with you onsite to discuss your wants and needs for the project. This collaborative session helps us understand your vision and establish the foundation for the design. 

After the initial discussion, our architect begins working on the concept plans. These plans are then presented to you in a second meeting where we discuss design decisions and provide a construction estimate.

Soil tests are completed to assess ground conditions, and engineering drawings are produced based on these results to ensure structural integrity and compliance with regulations.

  • Concept: 4 weeks
  • Design Development: 4-8 weeks
  • Planning: 6-8 weeks

Projects such as house raises and extensions require a BA or Building approval provided by a Building Certifier, however often when working on more complex jobs or some houses with a character overlay a development application is also required. This application is provided by a town planner and must be done prior to construction, your building designer can advise on whether a development application is required for your project. 

Once the construction issue plans are finalised and ready for release. The building contract and specifications are then prepared and signed.

By managing all crucial stages from concept to completion, Stark Builders ensures a cohesive and well-planned renovation process, addressing all your needs in one place and setting the stage for a successful project.

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