Builder setting up steel reinforcing -rebar for retaining wall
Builder leveling out PFC on ladder

Engineering Tailored to Renovations

Stark Builders: Structural Engineer Brisbane

Our residential structural engineering solutions are formulated with renovations in mind. By prioritising renovation-specific needs, we streamline the process and eliminate unnecessary complications, ultimately saving you thousands in build costs.

We are the leading Structural Engineers in Brisbane. Our team prides itself on delivering optimised structural plans that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Engineering Pricing

Our structural engineers are capable of tackling a wide range of projects in the residential building scene. Look at the price table below to get started.

New Builds

Complete Structural Drawings and Certificates From:
Single & Double Storey
Granny Flats / Tiny Homes
Town Houses
Architectural Homes
Complete Structural Drawings and Certificates From:
All Renovations
Raise & Build
Home Extensions
Gut & Remodel Interior
Custom Project
For Any and All Small or Custom Projects
$130 /per hour
Removing Internal Walls
Retaining Wall Design
Footing Designs
All Custom Projects

Save on Build Costs
with Stark Structural Engineer Brisbane

Save over $4,500* on your renovation when you use the Stark renovation specialists (*Based on a $300k build cost). We can optimise your renovation to help save thousands by removing elements that are only applicable to new builds and strengthening the areas in your house that need it when renovating.

Optimising the structural engineering design is a critical strategy in saving on build costs, as it leads to a more efficient use of materials and resources without compromising safety or functionality. Stark Engineers use thoughtful design principles and utilising advanced computational analysis, our engineers in Brisbane can tailor the structure to use the minimum amount of material required to meet the necessary performance criteria. This not only reduces the quantity of materials needed but also minimizes waste during construction.

Furthermore, an optimised structural design often results in simpler and more streamlined construction processes, reducing labour costs and shortening project timelines. The marriage of economic efficiency with structural integrity in optimised structural designs allows for more budget-friendly construction, making it an essential practice in today’s competitive and resource-conscious building environment.

Build Cost Savings

Structural Engineers Brisbane Savings

Competitor Engineer

External engineers are often unfamiliar or have limited experience with renovating and results in poor structural design.

STARK Engineering

Our engineers have years of designing and managing renovations around Brisbane and will ensure you have optimised plans

STARK Engineering + Design

Combining both building and structural design we are able to achieve even more in your renovation

STARK Engineering + Design + Build

Combining all 3 of our services saves you the most and ensures all your money goes towards the  elements that matter to you.

Optimised Structural Design

Structural Engineer Brisbane
Builders working with power tools on the frame stage of house renovation
PFC portal frame and concrete slab

Our engineering services are tailored with renovations in focus, allowing us to reduce costs, enabling you to allocate more budget to visible aspects of the renovation, such as upgraded kitchen appliances or premium bathroom tiles.

When you choose Stark Structural Engineer Brisbane, your investment is in the right hands. Our experienced structural engineers prioritise safety and cost-efficiency, working closely with you to achieve your desired renovation goals without compromising quality or exceeding your budget.

Frame stage of garage being constructed on side of raised house
Value Grey Black 01
Save on Build Costs

With 10+ years producing structural engineering plans our knowledge allows us to come up with the more cost effective solutions that save thousands on build costs.

Strong Grey Black 01
Stronger Design

We know what areas of renovations get overlooked. Our design ensures every element in your house is properly reinforced to ensure your house stands the test of time.

Speed Grey Black 01
Fast Turnaround

Our turnaround times are faster than the rest. By specialising in renovations we are able to produce plans faster and to a higher standard.

Support Grey Black 01
Better Support

You can rest assured that you or your builder will never be left in the dark. We have a dedicated team of engineers that answers calls are ready for on-site inspections.



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Quick Renovation Estimate

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Select the type and size of your new home extension

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Raise & Build Under

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Single Level Extension

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Double Level Extension

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Renovation Size

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Choose the size of your home extension

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Rough Estimate to Complete Your Renovation:

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Stage 2 (Design Stage).


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Builders working on the framing stage of an external wall for a house extension

Sustainable Structural Design

Stark helps to minimise environmental impact.

At Stark Engineers, we believe that sustainable construction is of paramount importance in structural design due to its long-term impact on both the environment and society. The integration of sustainability principles within our structural design leads to the conscientious use of materials, energy, and other resources, minimising waste and reducing harmful emissions. 

Stark Residential Structural Engineer in Brisbane contributes to constructions that align more harmoniously with nature by selecting eco-friendly materials, maximising energy efficiency, and considering the entire lifecycle of a building. This not only lessens the strain on finite resources but also promotes healthier living environments and supports global efforts to mitigate climate change. 

Stark’s sustainable structural engineering design represents a forward-thinking approach that recognises the interconnectedness of human-made structures with the larger ecological system, emphasising responsibility, resilience, and ethical stewardship of our planet.

What We Do Best

Our Diverse Range of Structural Engineering Services in Brisbane

Whether you’re looking to modernise an older home, add on to an existing space, or reconfigure a section of your property, our team of Brisbane-based structural engineering professionals is here to help through the following services.

Structural Steel-01

Structural Steel

Add or remove PFC and universal beams to open up your house


Concrete Slabs

House slabs, driveways, patios, carports and architectural concrete

Retaining Wall-01

Retaining Walls

Core filled blockwork and concrete sleeper retaining walls


House Reconfiguration

Reconfigure your house by adding and removing any structural component


Raise and Build

Complete engineering plans for raise and build to increase floor area



Concrete piers and screw piers to support houses on any soil



Bearers joists and columns to add a deck anywhere on your house

Column Remove-01

Column Removal

Make more space under your house by removing concrete or steel columns

Wall Removal-01

Wall Removal

Create an open plan living area by removing any internal wall.

Branded Stark Builders excavator digging holes on construction site

A Quality Build Starts With Strong Foundations

Our Geotechnical Engineers Provide Fast Reports in Brisbane

Soil testing for foundations is a vital phase in construction, laying the groundwork for a stable and secure structure. The nature of the soil at a building site can significantly influence the design and type of foundation required, impacting both the cost and the long-term performance of the structure.

Stark Structural Engineers are able to visit any site within Brisbane in a matter of days and have the soils report back to you within the week. This way the foundations can be designed quickly to ensure your project gets underway faster.

Soil testing assesses various characteristics, such as the soil’s composition, moisture content, density, bearing capacity, and how it may behave under different environmental conditions. Understanding these factors helps Stark Structural Engineers to make informed decisions about the appropriate foundation design, avoiding potential problems like uneven settling, excessive movement, or even catastrophic failure.

Without proper soil testing, a foundation may be subjected to unforeseen forces that could lead to structural weaknesses and costly repairs. Hence, soil testing is not merely a preliminary step but a critical component in ensuring that a building’s foundation is appropriately matched to the ground on which it stands, safeguarding the integrity and longevity of the construction.

We Handle Your Project From Start to Finish

Stark Structural Engineers Brisbane can take your project from conception to completion. Our in-house team of professionals have a strong understanding of building costs, to ensure your project utilises cost-effective design elements, and maximises your budget from the outset. You can opt to only use our structural engineering design service, or have our guidance and assistance all throughout your renovation process, from the design stage up to the build stage.

Sample swatches for design purposes of a house renovation

1. Design

Our professional team of building designers and draftsmen can help turn your idea into a reality. Enjoy the freedom or unlimited revisions and interior design.

Building plans of house renovation

2. Plan

We help plan everything from the engineering through to the final certifications. Our team specialises in renovations so you can rest assured you're in safe hands.

Framing of garage being constructed to side of raised house

3. Build

With over 30+ years renovating houses all over Brisbane, our experienced team is able to exceed your expectations and complete your project to the highest standard in the industry.

Meet the Engineering Team

Get to know the Stark Structural Engineers Brisbane Team

Engineer smiling for headshot photo


Project Engineer
Fletcher oversees the structural design as well as the construction work.

Senior Builders with glasses smiling for professional photo


Head Builder
Philip ensures your project gets completed to the highest standard. With many years of experience there is nothing he hasn't seen.

Senior estimator smiling at camera


Senior Estimator
Max handles both the sales and estimating to ensure your project can be completed on time and on budget.

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Book in a free 15-minute consultation call with one of our renovation experts, or send us a message and our team can provide an initial quote immediately.